Social Media Reacts To k-word Using Racist Adam Catzavelos’ Video

Social Media Reacts To k-word Using Racist Adam Catzavelos’ Video! A racist video of a Johannesburg businessman on vacation went viral on Tuesday and it didn’t take time before he was identified.

Adam Catzavelos took a video whilst on holiday and bragged about how it was beautiful because there were no black people (using the k word) on the beach.

“Let me give you a weather forecast here: Blue skies‚ beautiful day‚ amazing sea and not one k****r in sight. F***ing heaven on earth. You cannot beat this. You cannot beat this,” he said in the video that was then leaked on social media. (Shoutout to whoever leaked the video.)

Whilst Adam and his wife have both deleted their social media accounts, social media is enraged and wants him to be jailed. They have also called out all the companies associated with him to distance themselves from the racist.

Check out some of the reactions below.

Nedbank, Nike SA and 702 have all distanced themselves from the racist.

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