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Sjava Offers Fans Some Relationship Advice

Sjava Offers Fans Some Relationship Advice! Singer and songwriter Sjava has made hits from his past relationships so you might want to listen when he offers free advice. After Shona and Connie Ferguson’s cuddled up photo went viral on social media as love goals, Sjava had a message to his fans.

Sjava reshared the photo on Instagram with a slightly different caption to ‘#goals’ everyone expected. This is not for everybody dont force it usually its God who puts such things together wait your turn dont rush if u fail its okay its normal,” he captioned the photo. 

Sjava went on to advice his followers to not pressure themselves because love is not the same for everyone.

“dont put your self under pressure u will end up hating your self thinking there is something is wrong with u kanti no thos was not meant for you or end up jumping into wrong relationships just pray God will provide the ryt partner.

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