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Sizwe Dhlomo On How Much His Looks Contributed To Getting TV Gigs

Sizwe Dhlomo On How Much His Looks Contributed To Getting TV Gigs. One thing about media personality, Sizwe Dhlomo is that he’s honest and doesn’t beat around the bush on what he thinks whether it’s about himself or the industry he’s part of.

Although he has gone on to branch out and enjoy success as an entrepreneur, Sizwe has maintained a consistent career in showbiz for almost two decades now and currently hosts one of the hottest Drive Time radio shows in the country. The seasoned host is at a point in his career where he picks and chooses what he wants to do but he admits something else besides his talent got him one of his arguably career defining gig.

A fan recently asked Sizwe how much of his good looks contributed to his success and he did not hesitate to tell it all. “I’d say a lot. I don’t think I would have got the MTV job if it wasn’t for my looks. Now don’t get me wrong, hard work is what keeps you in but good looks definitely get in the door,” Sizwe responded. He went on to add that anyone who doesn’t believe it would be lying to themselves. “Straight up facts! Anyone who denies that is lying to themselves,” he tweeted.

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