She told me that she needs some time to think about our relation.

Hey guys im an 18 year guy … And last year i had friendship with the best girl ever born we came so close that no one in the world could effect our frndship by any means … Dan it was this feb. that we turned our frndship into a relation and we were v happy but suddenly a few days back she told me that she needs sm time to thnk about our relation cz she thought all that happened wasnt love but infatuation… And wanted me again jst as her best friend.. For her comfort and happiness i agreed n we are frnds today bt she seems to be different her ways have chnged bt still i love her n dis is all i can do im ready to wait fr her till my last breath nd jst want her to be happy … Watever it may take i just want her to be happy … It did hurt me bt its fine if she is happy i really love her a lot infact the most nd will always do even if she goes on wid smone i wont interrupt her untill i find dat the person is wrng or he would use her i jst need her to be happiest..with who sover she goes on to spend her life wid ……..n all i can do is …pray to god that she comes back or if she doesn’t she may live the happiest life. She is a v nice hearted girl she is my baby pls pray frnds that she comes to me frever i love her … Nd will do it fr all of my lives… I love u my baby the most keep smilling frever u owe me nd my entire wrld…love u

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