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Sfiso Ncwane Finally Puts Food In His Mother’s Fridge!

Being a celebrity is quite a tough gig. Nothing you do will ever be kept out of the public eye and that’s exactly what happened with Gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane.

About a week ago the singer shared images of a R1.9 million car that he purchased for his Pastor who apparently saved his life after a minor heart attack.

S'fiso Ncwane

It didn’t take long for social media to question his actions and to ask if he couldn’t have done anything better with the money and not long after that his mother, Fikile Ncwane was interviewed on radio and claimed that her fridge is empty whilst her son is out buying ‘strangers’ expensive cars.

In addition to the empty fridge claims, Fikile says that her so no longer returns her calls.

However, a few days after the interview, Fikile has now came out and reveals to Daily Sun that her son reached out to her and brought her groceries worth R2,000.

“I was called by my eldest daughter, Gugu, on Monday saying she was saying she was in the shops buying food for me. She told me S’fiso sent R2,000 for me to eat. He wanted to surprise me. When I open my fridge, I open it with a smile,” she told the publication.

Sfiso has since dismissed all allegations that he has abandoned his mother and he says that he feels that the claims she made in the interview should now be handled by the elders of the family.

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