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Samkelo Ndlovu Shows Off Her A** And What She’s Been Doing To Get That Summer Body!

Samkelo Ndlovu’s weight is quite the conversation starter these days.

Wait, did we all of a sudden forget that the girl is hard at work focusing on her music and acting career that all we really care about is her weight and how thick her eyebrows are?

samkelo ass

The last time we had this conversation about her weight she was basically stating that she’s really tired of people calling her out on it and let everyone know that she’s really trying and she would appreciate it if people backed off.

One person even told Samkelo to her face that she looks fat, and we all that didn’t end too well. (Read that story HERE.)

Well the actress and songstress promised that she’s putting in all the work that she can to look summer ready and we must say, we’re really proud of her, I mean did you see that ass?

High Waist Girls…

#SummerBodyGoals #AlmostThere

A photo posted by Samkelo Samu/Samurai Ndlovu (@samkelondlovu) on

Girls In Black Underwear…

#SummerBodyGoals #AlmostThere

A photo posted by Samkelo Samu/Samurai Ndlovu (@samkelondlovu) on

Summer Body Missions…


✊ #SummerBodyMissions #AlmostThere A video posted by Samkelo Samu/Samurai Ndlovu (@samkelondlovu) on


Work Hard…


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