SA Celebs Who’ve Had A Brush With The Law 2019

SA Celebs Who’ve Had A Brush With The Law 2019! Celebrities are not immune to law, unfortunately for them, every run in with the po-po becomes public knowledge and might face public scrutiny more than normal people would.

We’ve done lists before of SA celebs who’ve been arrested at least once in their lives . The list included DJ Black Coffee, singer Donald, Gareth Cliff and Uyanda Mbuli. Here are some more SA celebs who have recently been in trouble with the police and some we had no idea they had gotten arrested before.


Mampinthsa was arrested on assault charges on his on again off again girlfriend Babes Wodumo.

Babes Wodumo

Babes was arrested on common assault charges on a former friend.

Khanya Mkangisa

Khanya was arrested for alleged drunk driving.

Mpho Maboi

Whilst Mpho didn’t reveal why she once got arrested, she recently came clean about her run with law on twitter.

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