SA Celebs Who Had To Apologize For Old Homophobic Tweets

SA Celebs Who Had To Apologize For Old Homophobic Tweets! This past week we saw American comedian and actor Kevin Hart lose his dream job of hosting the Oscars because of his old homophobic tweets that were dug up

It reminded us of our very own local South African celebs who had to go on the same platforms they used years ago to put out homophobic tweets to apologize, although none of them lost any gigs.

Check out these celebs whose tweets were dug from years back when they were less famous only to haunt them now as huge superstars.

Nadia Nakai

Hai guys pulling tweets from 2010? I was childish cos I was a child!! I’m sorry if they offended you 🙏🏽. It just further shows how people on these twitter streets don’t know me and my heart. ❤️— BRAGGA (@Nadia_nakai) September 3, 2018

Boity Thulo

A decade ago, I was naive, homophobic, young and didn’t know better. I was 19 and my views on sexuality were warped. We grow, our views change and we do better. It’s gut wrenching and embarrassing to see them now however I am not the same person I was 10 years ago. ❤️— #WuzDat now available (@Boity) September 3, 2018

Cassper Nyovest

Just to clear something for the LGBT community. Keale rata blind!!! Tse baya ke maka!!! ❤️ pic.twitter.com/9mDchUts8I— R.M Phoolo (@CassperNyovest) November 22, 2018

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