Rosette Ncwana Breaks Silence After Being Laughed At Over ‘Catfish Drama’! Almost a week ago, the supermodel shook the internet when she posted a birthday shoutout to her love.

Whilst some people were happy she had found love after being unlucky a few times, others dug into her new romance and concluded that the guy was fake and had catfished Rosette.

Rosette kept mum about the catfish allegations until now. The model has taken to Instagram calling out women who seemed to be happy about the unfortunate incident and thanked those who were happy for her.

“I’ve never seen nor experienced so much animosity in women. From Twitter to Instagram what a shame as we celebrate women’s month!! One would think being a month that it is, women would celebrate, Support and love each other. Seems like we still have a long way to go. Those who have shown love and support #womadla to you!! This worlds needs more of you. We can all together laugh in CATFISH.”!!!!!!! Everyone that took part in the debacle to find a crack where there’s non. Check yourself! The world needs less of you! #laughsinCatfish,” she wrote.

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