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Rapper Reason Joins The Isibaya Team!

reason moneoa

We’ve said it before and now we’re saying it again, to fully make it in this industry you need to be a triple threat of some sorts.

Like Zola has an actor career, he’s a rapper and a TV presenter. By the looks of things rapper Reason just might follow in his footsteps. Just last week Zola was welcomed into the Isibaya family and well it seems the family is only getting bigger.

Reason took to Instagram yesterday to share a picture of himself on the Isibaya set. From rapper to reality show, releasing a documentary and now acting on Isibaya. He’s definitely getting his triple threat credibility on.

We look forward to seeing Reason on our screens soon, let’s hope his character the same old Reazus that’s funny and very humble!

Isibaya Set Life…


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