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Rami Chuene Mourns The Loss Of A Loved One

Rami Chuene Mourns The Loss Of A Loved One. 2021 is not off to a good start for many as we’ve literally reported a couple of deaths since the start of the new year. Now Rami Chuene is unfortunately faced with the same fate and has lost a close family member.

Taking to twitter, Rami previously posted a tweet about the emotional stress and fights that families are going through are intense because of so much death surrounding us.

A day after her tweet, Rami lost her mom’s younger sister, stated that her family is in disbelief and really hurt over the loss. Our condolences go out to Rami and her family.

“When I tweeted this yesterday, 2021 clapped back today by taking my aunt, my mom’s youngest sister and then said, “how about that? What are you going to do now?” We are in disbelief, hurt, shaken and really, really saddened. Dipelo tša rena di bohloko ka nnete” Rami wrote.

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