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Pics! Unathi Shares Her Tips & Secret To Reducing Body Cellulite

Pics! Unathi Shares Her Tips & Secret To Reducing Body Cellulite. Idols SA judge Unathi Nkayi is one of the most bodied celebs in Mzansi and the good sis shared a few tips to help those who aspire to one day look like her.

Taking to Instagram, Unathi addressed the number one enemy that women battle with which is cellulite on their bodies. Unathi who most think is the most perfect person in the world shared that she too also gets cellulite on her body.

The Kaya FM host shared that some people have made peace with having cellulite however, other people struggle with it and she has a few tips to help those who are looking to remedy the situation.

According to the media personality, cutting down on some dietary products such as wheat, dairy and alcohol from your lifestyle can make all the difference. These are the changes that she applied to her diet which has made a drastic change to the way she look.

CELLULITE, Some of us are fine with our cellulite and some of us are not. To each his/her own. Many of you ask how I got rid of my cellulite. I’ve added raw and touched images to be fair? The day I SEVERELY reduced my wheat and dairy intake my cellulite started to disappear. Alcohol also causes cellulite ? It’s true” she wrote.

Unathi has been an inspiration to many people especially there female celebs who have shared their struggles with body positivity and have looked to Unathi’s weight loss success story to encourage them to keep the fight going.

Unathi shared a few photo’s of herself in a bikini to make an example of how her cellulite started to disappear after adjusting her diet.

Recently sharing how unhappy she was with her current weight is new mom Pearl Modiadie on her instagram. Pearl shared that she was very hard on herself with regards to how fast she had to snap back to her usual lean body.

Unfortunately this has not been the case for her however, looking at Unathi’s journey, the media personality shared that she is learning not to be to hard on herself.

Check out the photos below

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