PICS: Top Meme’s Of President Mugabe Falling

We all know about President Mugabe’s fall yesterday at Harare International Airport on his return from an African Union (AU) summit in Addis Ababa,it is reported that President Mugabe’s fall was caused by a hump in the carpet and not by his old age!

The Herald newspaper, which is know to be the official voice of Mugabe’s government, said the red carpet on a flight of steps leading down from a makeshift podium was “poorly-laid” for the presidents arrival.

“Remarkably, the president broke the fall and landed on his knees,” the paper continued.

It seems Mugabe broke the internet with his fall and Meme’s have been making their rounds on social media.

See below PICS: PICS: Top Meme’s Of President Mugabe Falling

President Mugabe Surfing…

mugabe 5

President Mugabe Skating…

mugabe 4]

Cashtime President Mugabe…

mugabe 3

President Mugabe In Harry Potter…

mugabe 2

President Mugabe…

Mugabe 1

We have no idea why people find a 91 year old man falling amusing but hey there you have it folks, Top Meme’s Of President Mugabe Falling!

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