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Phumeza Mdabe Gushes Over The Positivity Her Husband Adds To Her Life

Phumeza Mdabe Gushes Over The Positivity Her Husband Adds To Her Life. Actress and TV host Phumeza Mdabe and her husband Shota are still going strong after seven years of marriage, and the secret is knowing what your partner brings to the table.

Taking to Instagram, the proud Phumeza gushed about what a breathe of fresh her husband is to her life. She further opened up about one of her weaknesses in life which is being a pessimist at times, which is why it helps having a positive person such s her husband.

The ‘Abandoned’ Tv host acknowledged that she can be a hand full at times and puts her husband though a lot because of her mood swings and through it all, Shota is still her number one supporter.

She further claimed that marriage isn’t easy but she couldn’t have picked a better partner to do it with, as he is the sugar to her tea.

“I put this guy through a lot on a daily. I’m very moody. I struggle to see things positively if that’s what’s coming at me, he’s always soooo positive and always in a good mood. I could go and on. He’s the Ying to my Yang. Marriage is definitely not a walk in the park, and that’s why I appreciate him even more” she wrote.

Shota is clearly a strong contender in the husband olympics and Phumeza is one lucky lady.


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