Pearl Thusi Pulled Out All Her Sexy Cards On Her Tropika Cruise…

Can somebody say MILF alert or what? One forgets that Pearl Thusi is a mom, not in a bad way though, she’s kept her body looking great over the years.
Tv and radio personality Pearl Thusi was the host of Tropika Island of treasure not so long ago and now it seems that you say the word “cruise” and Pearl is there!
Over the past week Pearl and a few other celebs have been on a cruise to Mozambique and Pearl just pulled out all her sexy cards and look good as ever on the cruise. Fact is she doesn’t need all the lighting and make up, we bet she wakes up like this, no?

Check out sexy Pearl below…

I’m Just Flexing…

pedarl thusi tropika 1
MSC Cruise (Opera) to Portuguese Islands

#islandgal @mytropika #TropikaCruise


Pearl thusi tropika 2

#TropikaCruise @mytropika

Look At That Body!!…

Pearl thusi tropika 3

#TropikaCruise @mytropika

I Woke Up Like This Really…

pearl thusi tropika 5

As we left our ship headed for the Portugese Islands… @mytropika #TropikaCruise

Even The Ugly Face Looks Cute…

pearl thusi tropika 6

@misszizobeda davidoo… @mytropika #TropikaCruise

Girl Go ‘head and Pout!! …

pearl thusi tropika 7

Thank you Moçambique. thank you @mytropika #tropikacruise ❤️☀️
My fav new shades by Emporio Armani. @armani

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