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Pearl Modiadie Fuels Relationship With Donald Rumours By Being His #1 Fan!…

Just yesterday we added two and two together to show that Pearl Modiadie and Donald were on holiday together in Cape Town over the weekend!

Now it seems that Pearl just can’t stop showing us how in love she is and rubbing the success of her man in our faces.

And now she’s promoting he’s birthday party and telling us what great of a view Donald had of her over the weekend in the mother city.

First tweet from Pearl congratulating Donald…

pearl donald

Pearl keeps away from mentioning names just sticks to ‘we’ and ‘he’ and ‘us’.

Pearl Tweet…

pearl tweet

We found pictures of the same view from Pearl and Donald in Cape Town…


Promoting her mans party…

pearl 9

And then right after tweets this…

pearl 8

Uhm cut the act guys…we know you’re together. Pearl? Come on, we know you’ll tell us the truth. Tell us we want to know!

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