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Pastor Zondo Goes On A 21 Day Fast To Compensate For Leaked N*de Video

As we all know Pastor Sthembiso Zondo was caught in quite a compromising position last week all over social media because of a nude video that surfaced of him pacing around his living room.

Move magazine reports that after that incident Pastor Zondo has decided to go on a 21 day fast to somehow atone for the nude video.

Move received this information from the pastor’s assistant which they did not name in their report.

The most interesting part about the video is that the woman who recorded the video is said to not be the pastor’s wife, that’s the big stir around it, the pastor was pacing around naked in front of an unknown woman.

Pastor Zondo isĀ  the leader of Soul Renaissance Ministries and a motivational speaker and had also held a slot on Ukhozi FM but after the surfacing of the video the pastor has been suspended from the radio show.

Pastor Zondo’s intends to atone for his sins and strengthen his spiritual relationship with God during this 21 day fast.

According to Move Pastor doesn’t only have to atone for his nudity sins, sources told Move that the Pastor is having trouble with drinking problems and partying like a bachelor who has not dedicated his life to God.

Since the video went viral Pastor Zondo publicly asked his church to forgive him for it and that they should only learn from the mistake that he has made and that they should never give up when they are going through personal trials and tribulations.

Well let’s hope that the pastor’s fast works for him and that his congregation forgives him for his ‘sins’.

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