PART 2 MTV Base: SA’s Hottest MC’s 2015 (FULL LIST)

The Top 5 was quite a heated discussion for the judges as all 5 men have influenced the Hip Hop space immensely this year.

5. OkMalumKoolKat


OkMalumKoolKat started out at the number 5 spot but a few people disagreed saying that he deserves to be at a higher spot since he’s influenced the lingo in the Hip Hop game over the years. Words like ‘Umswenko’ and ‘Cav’ were first trending because of him. When number 4 and 3 were revealed it was decided that he would stay there.

4. Riky Rick

riky rick 100

Riky got the number 4 spot, also because of the influence he’s had in the game and the number of endorsements he’s scored himself this year, including the big one with PUMA.

3. K.O

ko party

K.O’s album and sales got taken into consideration. The influence that CashTime has had also outshone Riky and OkMalum.


After a heated discussion over AKA and Cassper the panel decided to bring a few things to light and vote on who takes the number one spot. Things like who’s the better lyricist and who dresses better were discussed. Sizwe even mentioned that if it wasn’t for Fill Up The Dome, AKA was definitely going to be his number 1!

2. AKA

aka composure

1. Cassper Nyovest

cassper rolls royce

The panel also adds that Cassper’s endorsements with MTN and KFC definitely land him on the number one spot! Don’t shoot the messenger, how do you like your TOP 5?

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