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It’s Ntsiki Mazwai AGAIN: “The media’s completely irresponsible…”

Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki Mazwai this, Ntsiki Mazwai that!

Yes, Ntsiki Mazwai is everywhere and there’s some point this lady is trying to get out there, I still don’t know what it is though. It seems we’re getting more open letters and statements from her than we are music, last time i checked she’s supposedly a musician right?

Well any way Ntsiki Mazwai social activist and apparently part time musician , featured on ScreenTime with Nicky Greenwall , where she was asked about all her open letters and she addressed the issues surrounding them and the absence of her mother in  her life.

Ntsiki first hit us with Dear ANC, then followed Dear White South African and just about a week ago, she pulled out Dear Black People which apparently got more hits than her other letters, yay Ntsiki Mazwai we guess she clearly sounded very pleased about the number of people that had the time to read what she had to say about black people and racism.

But the again Ntsiki Mazwai explained to Nicky that the triumph for her was not the number of hits she received on her blog, but that South Africans were finally talking about the race issue.( Like everyone wants to talk about racism everyday of their lives until lord knows what happens! Bleh!)

“The triumph is that we’re starting to talk about race, even if it means we’re beating each other up, we’re talking about it. Ever since 1994, we’ve been shoving the race issue under the carpet,” Ntsiki explained.

Ntsiki also touched on the media headlines that came out in 2008 after she posed naked for a rape campaign. “The media’s completely irresponsible, I feel like there’s some sort of training that needs to be done. During the struggle, journalism was distinguished and honourable, writers wrote the stories of our people, which helped liberate the nation. Now our writers are jealous of our celebrities,” she said.

Then adding, “You’ve (Nicky Greenwall)  given us a platform that black people wont give us, our own media wont give us the platform but we’ve got a white girl from Cape Town who wants to tell the black people’s story.”

Uhmmm Ntsiki, although we don’t know how great your music career may or may not be doing uhm, please stick to making music rather than making headlines with all theses “controversial” letters, we’d really appreciate it sisi!

Watch the preview of Ntsiki Mazwai on ScreenTime below:

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