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Nomzamo Sends A Hater Packing With A Classy Clap Back

Nomzamo Sends A Hater Packing With A Classy Clap Back! Nomzamo Mbatha loves showing her followers some love but don’t confuse that for weakness. One twitter troll learnt the hard way when they tried to come for the actress.

The troll tweeted the actress saying she lied about hosting the BET Awards. Only problem is, Nomzampo never lied, she did co-host the BET International Awards, a day before the main event.

“Where is Nomzamo? Didn’t she announce like she’s the main host!?,” the troll tweeted. To which Nomzamo replied, “Same place you left your comprehension &intellect Did she not say she was the co-host of the pre-redorded International awards ceremony?”

Wowza! That’s how you deal with haters.

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