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Nomzamo Opens Up About Her Grandmother Dying In Her Arms

Nomzamo Opens Up About Her Grandmother Dying In Her Arms! The actress has always been open about her relationship with her late grandmother who named her Nomzamo.

Taking to social media recently, Nomzamo shared some of the lessons her grandmother taught her and the pain of losing her in her arms. “My grandmother taught me about being tough. Relying on a single pair of jeans and shoes. That it was never about the clothes on my back. But what I could offer the world. My mind. My heart. My service. That surely my reward will come one day,” she shared.

Nomzamo shared how she wishes she could wash her father and grandmother’s feet one more time to show gratitude for everything they did fore her. The actress however finds solace in having been there for her granny in her last moments.

“No honour will come close to that which the God and my ancestors granted me. The honour of closing my grandmother’s eyes and kissing her goodbye after she took her last breath. Just me and her. As it always had been my whole life,” Nomzamo shared.

Read her thread below.

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