New Bae Alert! Bonang Reveals She Has A New Man

New Bae Alert! Bonang Reveals She Has A New Man! Whilst some fans might still be holding on to Bonang and AKA’s long gone relationship, Bonang is Miss moving on.

Bonang’s post break up glow has been one for the books, we don’t think the star has ever looked better than she does now. But could it be new love glow?

If you follow Bonang on twitter, you know she has been tweeting about 1000 kisses. As black twitter always does, they speculated on what that could mean.

One fan of queen B concluded that it might be the name of Bonang’s upcoming single. Bonang was quick to set the record straight saying she is not releasing any music. It’s kisses from her man.

Yaaas queen…go on and live your best life!

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