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Moneoa Opens Up Gaining Weight And How She Feels About It

Moneoa Opens Up Gaining Weight And How She Feels About It! Thick fit seem to be the trend when it comes to body types these days, whilst trends often change, so does our bodies.

Singer Moneoa is body goals for a lot people who follow her but the beauty recently got candid on her Instagram page sharing how she has gained the most weight she’s ever gained in the last couple of months. Moneoa shared that it’s been difficult to come to terms with the changes her body is making.

“I found this cute outfit in my closet archives. The last time I wore it I was a toothpick. I was so shocked it even still fit. I spent my whole life skinny and over the past few months I’ve gained the most weight I’ve ever gained in my entire life and I’ve been so insecure about it too cause my fat parks in my face and my tummy first before any other body part so yeyi, I was panicking about my new body. I’m still a bit sensitive about it,” she shared.

She then added that she is starting to enjoy her new body and embracing it. “…but I’m thoroughly starting to enjoy it. I mean!? I have hips now so. There’s a lot you can do with hips… and apparently they don’t lie. I guess my point is… Change, no matter how scary or initially inconvenient, is sometimes good.”

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