Minnie Dlamini Stunned Last Night At The PSL Awards

Minnie Dlamini’s style diary is like a roller coaster, sometimes she gets it so well and sometimes she has her bad days. There was no question however last night that the curvy TV personality came to slay with her gowns. We can all agree that Minnie Dlamini stunned last night at the PSL Awards.

Here are Minnie’s looks from the PSL Awards which she was co-hosting.

1. She played it safe with the blue dress and it paid off


2. The lacy dress was the talk of the town, nailed it!


3. The green dress was stunning on her from the knees up, we loved the messy pony she did


4. The red dress was a risk that paid off, although everyone was left asking, “Is Minnie wearing anything underneath that dress?”


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