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LOL! Somizi Strikes Again, Check Out His Crazy Throw Back Here!


So when we crowned AKA the funniest celebrity in South Africa we might have been lying.

Honestly, Somizi takes the cup lately. If the dancer and TV personality isn’t making fun of people in the Eastern Cape, he’s throwing shade in the funniest and craziest Instagram videos ever.

Now we think Somizi just might have broken the internet on Sunday evening when Idols launched. If you think he was funny then, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

We normally don’t crown people for the best Throw Back but Somizi won this round. Somgaga took to Instagram to share the funniest throw back with us, remember when you were a kid and used to collect grass, put it in a Koo tin and make ‘glue’ from it?

Yessssss, that’s Somizi’s Throw Back! Crazy right? Check out the video below and tell us about your craziest childhood days and your favourite Throw Back!

LOL! This…

Who remembers this. #Tbt for real

A video posted by Somizi (@somizi) on

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