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Lira Suffers a stroke, speech impacted

Lira Suffers a stroke, speech impacted according to a statement on her social media. The musician is said to have been travelling to Germany when this happened and is recovering and getting treatment in South Africa. 

Read detailed release below; 

To Lira’s beloved fans, clients and associates:

As Lira’s family, we would like to take this  opportunity to share some recent developments regarding Lira’s health. Lira recently travelled to Germany for a performance but unfortunately suffered a stroke whilst there. As a result, her ability to communicate, in particular, her speech, has been impacted. 

She is currently undergoing treatment here in South Africa, led by the best medical team available. Her medical team has advised that her journey to recovery will require patience and therefore, it is unlikely that she will be able to perform in the short term. That said, Lira is in good spirits and is surrounded by her loving family and close friends as she journeys towards a full recovery. 

We thank you all in advance for your prayers, support, kindness and utmost sensitivity and consideration during this very challenging time in her life. 

Let there be light!

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