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Leleti Khumalo Death Hoax: She’s Very Much Alive!

Celebrity death hoax has made it’s comeback in Mzansi this time “killing” veteran actress Leleti Khumalo. The rumor comes after a Canadian online publication tweeted that the South African star has passed away, which is NOT true. Leleti Khumalo death hoax: she’s very much alive!

Leleti Khumalo Death Hoax: She's Very Much Alive!
Leleti Khumalo Death Hoax: She’s Very Much Alive!

As if spreading the false rumor wasn’t bad enough, the publication claimed Leleti is well known for portraying the role of Mandela in the film ‘Sarafina’, right?!


Although Leleti herself is yet to make a public statement, her show Uzalo took to twitter to rubbish the death rumors tweeting, “ANNOUNCEMENT: Please note that rumours of Leleti Khumalo‘s alleged passing are UNTRUE!”



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