LEGiT Apologies For ‘Promoting’ Sugar Daddy’s!

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So it seems the customer is always right and to succeed you always have to listen to what the customer has to say!

LEGiT is currently running a new ad campaign with the slogan “Don’t Judge”, in one of their posters one can clearly see an image of a rather young girl with an older man. In the current society one can easily misread that image is a young girl with her sugar daddy, and well LEGiT is saying “Don’t Judge”.

A lot of people were rather disturbed by this image questioning if LEGiT is trying to promote the sugar daddy lifestyle or what?

As a result of the comments about the poster on social media LEGiT as since removed the poster and sent out a public apology to those that were offended by the image.

Read LEGiT’s apology below, do you think they were indirectly promoting sugar daddy’s? The marketing executive is probably so disappointed right now…


As a fashion brand, LEGiT, continually aims to be topical, and always on trend. With regards to our ‘Don’t Judge’ advertising campaign, we created multiple photographs that feature topical conversations about fashion and social statements.

The photograph with the older gentleman and a young lady featured in some of our store windows was part of the ‘Don’t Judge’ campaign. While it was certainly not intended in view of the current societal challenges, we fully appreciate that the photograph could be viewed as promotion of a particular lifestyle. While we don’t judge, this was not our intention. We apologise for any unintended offence.

We have removed the photograph from stores where it was displayed. In future we will endeavour to be more circumspect in terms of the images and messages used in our marketing collateral. LEGiT will always continue to stand for the empowerment of women and we fully support South African women’s right to express themselves.

Thank you for engaging with us.

Listen, your Tweet can make a difference!…

“So Wrong!”…

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Twitter Has Spoken!…

LEGiT no sweat


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