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Katlego Maboe’s Pregnant Girlfriend Fires Back At Trolls

Katlego Maboe’s Pregnant Girlfriend Fires Back At Trolls! Earlier this week Katlego announced he was expecting his first child with girlfriend Monique Muller but the awesome news was soon followed by criticism from some of his followers.

Under the photo, some trolls came for Katlego saying they ‘thought he was gay’ and some bashing him for having a white girlfriend. “Black brothers bonking white chicks,” one user wrote.

In response, Monique clapped back at haters saying she didn’t want to make the pregnancy public but was advised to tell it their way before the media speculated.

“I’m happy for my man and he is great at what he does, and it so happens to put him in this position for people to think they have a say. I for one did not want this to be public at all, which is increasingly the reason seeing this is so frustrating. But we were advised to do so, so media couldn’t put their own spin on it. I am quite irrelevant so then please refrain from commenting on my (this irrelevant persons) pregnancy,” she wrote.

“Food for thought… I did not ask for any of this. If you see one of the other girls comments. You will notice Kat has previously removed all our pictures which I asked him to do. If you’re wondering why, because I don’t like seeing things like this.”

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