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Katlego Danke On How Many SA Men Are Certifiable Sociopaths

Katlego Danke On How Many SA Men Are Certifiable Sociopaths! Taking to twitter a few days ago, the actress opened the discussion on misogyny and how many women sadly do not know how to react to it.

Katlego shared how worrying it was that all women have is anger and how that’s not enough. “Misogyny is real – and it sometimes hides in the most unassuming places. It’s a dark and scary hatred and most women are not well versed on picking it up, let alone how to react to it,” she tweeted.

“Freaks me out. It really does. These people go on to father children. And abuse their wives ‘in nice gentlemanly ways’. I’m disturbed by the thought of how many are actually certifiable sociopaths,” she added.

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