Join The #PastorZondo Movement: “Hands Off The Naked Pastor!”


It’s amazing how South Africans can laugh about almost every situation be it serious or not we’ll find a kick out of it. Social media has made it easier for us to search this humour and to just exaggerate everything the best way we know how.

I mean remember the #SenzoMeyiwa’sdad poses that broke the internet after the death of Senzo, it seems South Africa is doing it again.

Just a few days ago a video of Pastor Sthembiso Zondo parading his home naked surfaced the internet and has been making it’s rounds everywhere. You can clearly see that the Pastor was unaware of the recording of the video.

Daily Sun  reports that the Pastor has been on the low since the video went viral. It’s good see that social media is rather making a joke out of the video instead of questioning the Pastor about his profession based on the video.
“The way that woman shot the video, you can see Pastor Zondo wasn’t aware of the whole recording. The woman stole the shot to sabotage him,” @NkanyeziKubheka tweeted.

“I don’t understand why people are making such a big fuss about levideo ya Pastor Zondo…His human as well,” @tanah23 tweeted

See pictures of the #PastorZondo movement below


What South Africans Do With Their Free Time…

zondo 2

There you have it, let the pastor roam his home however he may please to!

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