“It Is Wrong To Have Boyfriends And Girlfriends In The Oppositions”, ANCYL Tells Its Members

Show your boyfriend/girlfriend’s membership card so we know it’s real? It seems to be case with the ANCYL after they encouraged all their members to date withing the party.


During the Valentines’ Day celebration held in Mpumalanga, ANCYL deputy President Desmond Moela encouraged the youth members to have one partner inorder to reduce risks of contracting HIV/AIDS.

“It’s unacceptable to have more than one girlfriend or boyfriend. We need to be responsible with our lives. If not careful, you will die young and grow up in the grave. HIV/Aids its there and it’s alive,” he said.

It’s his other encouragement that we found interesting though, Moela discouraged the members from dating members of the opposition. Yup, you heard them right.

“It is wrong to have boyfriends and girlfriends in the oppositions. You must make sure that your boyfriend or girlfriend is within the ANC,” said Moela.

If you’re a member and your other half is from the opposition, now you know what you need to do Comrades.

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