ICYMI: You Could End Up Behind Bars If You Shared Pulane’s Photos

Can we firstly say…pheeew thank god we didn’t share Pulane’s nudes! So this just in, if you shared Pulane Lenkoe’s nude that was leaked on Twitter, you could face criminal charges.

Its reported that there’s draft of online policy that will be coming into effect very soon that will basically address and deal with the distribution/leaking of pornographic materials and assault video’s. (yeah that video of that fight you filmed last year, that could laid you in jail.)

The Films and Publications Board chief operations officer Sipho Risiba said that the board plans to work hand-in-hand with service providers such as MTN and Vodacom to ensure that perpetrators will be dealt with accordingly for distributing such harmful content.

“These people must be identified. Service providers will be used to find the first person to post the picture. They will be dealt with harshly,” he said.

Fun and games will soon be over for most High School students as the policy states that those who post assault videos e.g. fights, bullying, schoolyard fights and other violent incidents will face criminal charges.

“If you assault someone and you take that video and upload that video, that is a continuation of that assault. It’s crimen injuria.”

The police are also set to give network operators the right to share the personal details and information of those who are found to be sharing this content.

A Government Gazette notice on FPB reads: “Civil society and the Film and Publication Board (“FPB”) will join hands and share the costs and responsibility for digital content classification and compliance monitoring to ensure that children are protected from exposure to disturbing and harmful content.”

Themba Wakashe, FPBs chief executive, was quoted saying that the regulations that come with the policy are also in the country’s economic interests.

“We want there to be certainty in the industry because it is economic transactions that mean a lot to the economy of this country. We are absolutely sensitive to that. It must be also be understood that we are regulating in the interest of the country and not in the interest of individual companies,” said Wakashe.

Other major parties that will have to follow the new policy include YouTube and Google.

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