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ICYMI: Unathi Msengana Welcomes DJ Zinhle Into Mommyville!

We all know that preggy mommy of the moment is currently DJ Zinhle, right?

Everyone has been so supportive of her pregnancy and relationship with AKA and we honestly can’t wait for little baby Forbes to grace us with it’s presence.

Yesterday Unathi Msengana took the time to make Zinhle her Woman Crush Wednesday and wrote quite a lengthy message for her to welcome her into Mommyville.

As we all know DJ Zinhle will be launching her blog site on Friday to share all her MOMents and we must say, it seems like she’s enjoying every minute!

Check out Unathi’s well wishes to DJ Zinhle below, she’s really just so sweet.

Welcome To Mommyville Zinhle!!…

unathi and zinhle

#WCW is @djzinhle who’s enjoying her MOMents! I want to welcome you to the best club in the world……Mommy! I can’t wait til you meet your baba and your eyes lock. You will feel a PROFOUND love that you have never felt BEFORE. And that my dear friend will make you understand how powerful you are, how significant you are and most importantly that LOVE gets bigger and bigger with every passing breath your baby makes! I am SO happy for you! Bless n Love!


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