ICYMI: Crazy Robbery Goes Totally Wrong At Clearwater Mall

You would think that one would plan accordingly ahead of robbing a whole mall right? Well it turns out these guys were really not ready for this job.

clearwater robbery 1

Approximately 7 men were intercepted yesterday at Clearwater Mall during a robbery. It is still unclear what the men stole and how much of it there was, but the good news is that they are now behind bars.

A civilian that resides close to Clearwater took to Facebook to share a few images of the crime scene and our Police Officers at work.

Other residents are really glad that the perpetrators got caught with reports that state that 3 of them were shot to death on site.

Check out some of the crime scene images below:

Stolen Goods…

clearwater 7

Men At Work…

clearwater 6

One Of The Perps…

clearwater 5

Cops At Work…

clear water 4

The Bad Guys…

clearwater 3

Blood Bath…

clearwater 2

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