I can’t take a relationship seriously.

Hi, my name is Josh and for some odd reason I just find myself in a pickle with relationship issues. I’ve not had a girlfriend in a while and I’m okay with that, I feel when the right girl comes, she will come, but I feel myself despising relationships. I often laugh at people on Facebook saying things in statuses or in comments on how much they love someone(I’m 15). I can never picture myself saying I love you to someone in a High School relationship. I think my lack of a relationship in a while has dulled my emotions. Also, I don’t feel that I can find a girlfriend, because I’m not one of those guys that dates a ******* broad just because I can. I like to find the best that I can get. But, I just can’t picture myself saying things like “I love you” to people and I see all these people putting pictures and long *** statuses about their significant other and I just can’t make myself care about doing that for a girlfriend. I never like girls pictures or comment on their pictures or their walls even if they’ve shown interest in me(these girls usually go to my school and have talked to me, I don’t do fb relationships and ****). And also some people post like “beautiful” on womens pictures and I just can’t make myself care to do that. I usually have a pretty non shalant, cocky, sarcastic attitude and for some reason most women seem to be drawn to it, but I can’t find the right one. Any help on my relationship issues?

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