Gugulethu Mother Finds Daughter Buried In Backyard.

There’s no greater tragedy than  that of losing a child.

Peggy Duze, lost her 21-year-old daughter Amanda after she was brutally murdered and buried in her own backyard by a male relative.

Speaking to IOL News, Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk shares that the circumstances surrounding the death of the young girl are currently being investigated.


Peggy, revealed that she found it strange when she arrived at home on Sunday afternoon from work and her daughter was not there.

“It’s unlike her not to be at home and whenever she’s not, she will let us know.”

“We found her clothes with blood, on top of her bed, and that is when we started searching for her. After an extensive search of places we thought she could have been, we searched the yard and found her buried at the back.”

Peggy adds that her daughter’s body was found in a shallow grave in her backyard, under a pile of stones covered with sand.

“I was just starting to bond with my daughter because she grew up with her father, and now I will never see her. I feel like I brought her to this because it would never have happened if she was still with her father.”

Amanda’s father, Simphiwe Mahleza says he’s still shocked by the news.

“I never expected this… she was a good girl who didn’t go out partying. She was finishing her human resources management course this year and loved her books very much. I will miss her smile and the respect she had, this really is hurting me.”

“I appeal to the community to help us look for the killer…When will the government start protecting women and children? The government must do something to end this because it is very painful, she had a bright future ahead.”

Van Wyk said: “A murder case was opened, no one has been arrested so far and anyone with any information about the incident is requested to come forward with it.”

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