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Frustrated Cassper Nyovest : “I’ve lost all confidence in winning anything at the @TheSAMAS”

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We all know that Cassper Nyovest was a little down in the dumps about Doc Shebeleza not being nominated for anything for the Annual SAMA’s, what we didn’t know was that he would rant about it on social media TWICE!

Cassper had expectations that Doc Shebeleza would be nominated in the Record Of The Year category but to his surprise the nominations didn’t come out the way he thought they would.

When the nominees were announced Cassper wasn’t really pleased about it and took to Twitter to rant and rave about it all. A few days later it seemed that the rapper found some calm and then continued to name great artists that become successful without winning any SAMA’s.

Well week’s have passed and it seems that Cassper still has questions for the SAMA organisers that he really wants answered!

He tweeted all his questions directed to them by tagging their twitter handle in all his tweets.

Cassper’s rant starts off with “I’ve lost all confidence in winning anything at the @TheSAMAS, which is cool but may you answer our questions at least?.”

It’s expected that the SAMA organisers wouldn’t really answer Casspers questions via Twitter, right? So he felt the need to address that too,  “Okay I asked my questions. I probably won’t get answers but those are some things ya’ll can think about next year.”

So OkMzansi, what do you think about Cassper’s rant on Twitter? Does he have the right to be touched? and did he just approach the situation in the wrong way?

Check Out Cassper’s Tweets Below:

cassper nyovest sama rant 4 cassper nyovest sama rant 3 cassper nyovest sama rant 2 cassper nyovest sama rant


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