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Diski Diva’s: “My Man & I Are NOT In Anyway Part Of This Show”-Says Teko Modise’s Fiancé

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Now we were all excited last week when news came out of a new reality TV show that will be on our screens soon, apparently featuring SA football wives and their husbands.

The show was set to feature all the drama and high life class of football wives that we don’t get to see on a daily basis. It was reported that it would be titled “Diski Diva’s”. Part of the excitement was that Teko Modise and his fiancé Lizelle Tabane are meant ti feature in this exciting segment.

News flash, Lizelle says she’s not a part of any reality TV show and that’s the story she’s sticking to.

Yes you read right, model Lizelle Tabane says her and hubby to be will not be on Diski Diva’s.

This is what Lizelle had to say in an Instagram post:

“This is utter rubbish! I don’t usually address stories written about me in the media, cause they all lies anyway, but this just angers me the most! My man & I are NOT in anyway part of this show.”

“Most journalists are lazy cause they write stories from their so called ‘sources’ without any investigation or facts for that matter. They just take a story without even consulting me for my side of the story & run with it anyway. Just to set the record straight regarding this particular show, I’m NOT desperate for fame to degrade myself to that level of “co-starring” alongside a certain person!!”

Gheez! Seems like Teko’s boo has a little beef with on of the football wives. Well besides all that drama Teko Modise has been featured in a new motor show called ‘Diski drive’ on DSTV’s Ignition.

Diski Drive is where local soccer stars share their love for cars and getting behind the wheel to share their motoring skills.

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