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Dineo Ranaka On Why She Has Left Metro FM For Kaya959

Dineo Ranaka On Why She Has Left Metro FM For Kaya959! Kaya959 has announced two additions to their family as they welcome Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka to the station’s growing family. The move is in line with the continuous repositioning the station has embarked on since 2021. 

The seasoned broadcaster spoke on her move from one giant station to another and had nothing but praises for her now former employer. “My time at Metro FM has been nothing short of amazing and adventurous. I have enjoyed both my relationship with management, colleagues, listeners, as well as advertisers. It has truly been beautiful. An opportunity to expand myself has been presented to me and it was one I couldn’t resist,” she told DRUM.

Dineo’s last show on Metro FM will air on Friday the 17th of June, four years after joining the station. Her new family shared their excitement on having her and Sol Phenduka join Kaya in a statement.

“Her radio savvy, dynamic personality and life experience coupled with Sol’s sharp wit and broad knowledge are just the combination Kaya959 needs to make a mark with the Code-Switcher who is on a journey to advance themselves,” says Kaya959 MD Sibongile Mtyali.  

In line with business and listener needs, the station will be announcing further Kaya 959 line-up additions on the 1st of July 2022. 

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