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Did Bonang Just Shade “Being Bonang” Executive Producer Legend Manqele?

A while ago Bonang Matheba shared that her experience of shooting the third season of her reality show “Being Bonang” was a nightmare however, the moghel didn’t share what exactly went down behind the scenes.

The masses are now convinced that the above tweet has something to do with Legend Manqele, whom was the executive producer of all three seasons for Bonang’s reality show after Manqele posted a now deleted tweet stating that ” The enemy of black is black” referring to how people of color often don’t support each other.

Bonang raised suspicion when she replied with a “Lol” to his post, making the masses thing that this all is connected somehow.

Legend is also involved in the debacle involving the “theft of intellectual content” for Somizi Mhlongo’s “Dinner At Somizi’s” show concept of which he happens to be one of the producers of, as it was alleged that he was first approached by the accuser to pitch the idea a few years ago and he agreed that the concept was marketable.

By Sinakho Mandla

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