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Damn! D’Banj Is Being Taken To Court For R3.5 Million Debt…

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D’Banj will soon be back in all our headlines again but this time around it’s not for his love scandal with Bonang but, a scandal that involves owing people a large sum of money.

It’s reported that the Nigerian artist owes MindHub Technologies N60 million (R3.5 million)  and refuses to pay them back the money.

MindHub has decided to hand over matters to the law and are taking D’Banj to court regarding the debt.

The D’Banj is expected to appear in court has on March 30th.

Henry Ojogho, which is the Vice Chairman of MindHub Technologies, an integrated Rice farming and milling production company, alleges that D’Banj obtained a loan of N6o million in 2013 through is company , DKM Media Limited.

2 years later and D’Banj has failed to pay back the money that was loaned to him.

It’s reported that D’Banj is currently  having the time of his life traveling the globe at throwing big parties and concerts to celebrate his career milestone of being an entertainer for 10 years. We guess that 10th year anniversary celebration comes with a huge bill foot.

Ey Bonang, don’t you want to help ‘Banj out?

Well either way D’Banj, they will deal with you.


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