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Celebs Giving Back: AKA Pays A Visit To The House Group Orphanage & Female Shelter…


It’s great to see celebrities flourishing every now and then, it’s an even great thing when you see them giving back to the community and actually taking the time out of their busy schedules to observe what is happening in the communities that surround them and see what they can do to assist in uplifting it.

It’s even better when their charity work is not only for the public eye but also for personal growth. AKA is just one of the many celebrities who takes the time out to help in the upbringing of tomorrow’s leaders. He took time out yesterday to visit The House Group Orphanage & Female shelter in Hillbrow, it seems like the rapper really enjoyed his time there and thought he should share it with us on Instagram. How cute! ❤️

The really cool part about AKA is that he was very warm towards the ladies at The House, you can see it in the video that he was delighted to be there and was acting like he’s above everyone there.

AKA’s Insta Vid…

“The House Group Orphanage & Female shelter in Hillbrow … From the looks of things, I helped bring some joy to the girls and it feels good… Amazing things being done by some very special people. The owner is running this house with very little government assistance and partnerships with companies and donations. I look forward to getting involved on a more regular basis. ❤️”- AKA

Keep doing what you’re doing Mr Doro, this is why AKA is our favourite rapper!

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