In Case You Missed It: Nonhle Thema Goes Kardashian On Us!

Remember that PAPER Magazine photo shoot Kim Kardashian did? Well it seems we have our own Kim in South Africa.

Nonhle Thema was asked to be part of heat‘s Iconic Moments special and was challenged to balance a glass on her bum bum just like Kim Kardashian did.

Even though Nonhle didn’t go full out naked like Kim did she still managed to balance the glass.

Andre Neveling  heat magazine editor told The Juice , that the shoot was fun. “Nonhle didn’t hesitate and was up to the challenge.”

We hope you got your edition just so you can see Nonhle, If you didn’t check out the pics below!

Remember Kim?…

kim karadashian paper


It’s Nonhle Thema’s Turn!…

nonhle thema heat


Well spot on! Don’t you think?

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