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In Case You Missed It: John Travolta’s Ridiculous Florida Mansion

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If you think acting only puts food on the table the darling you just haven’t seen John Travolta’s Florida mansion have you?

John Travolta definitely falls as part of the people that have really nice life problems and you can’t but sit and think ‘ah but how?’. It’s nice to take a behind the scenes look and see what some of these nice life problems are and just take a look at how these celebrities really live their lives.

We have behind the scenes pictures of John Trovolta’s Florida mansion that include 2 runways and a number of private planes, John is a pilot after all.

Plane In The Driveway…No Biggy…

john travolta's florida mansion 5

Talk About Nice Life Problems…

john travolta's florida mansion 3

Just A House He Says…

john travolta's florida mansion 2

No Really It’s A House Not An Airport…

john travolta's florida mansion

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