Cape Town “Swim4Life Swim School ” Exposed For Racism

Racism is still alive and breathing in our country and it looks like it’s going to take a lot to rid South Africans of it.

The biggest racial problems all seem to come out of the Western Province and they only get more serious with each day.


Social media platforms have made it easier for parties involved in racial discrimination to share their story and get more support from others going through the very same issues.

The students at the University of Stellenbosch have had some success in raising awareness of the racial issues they face on a day to day basis at the learning institution, by sharing their stories online.

A more recent story comes from a resident in Cape Town by the name of Aimee-Noel Mbiyozo, who is a white woman married to a black man. She reached out to Swim4Life Swim School in Cape Town to inquire about her kids being enrolled for a few swimming lessons.

The response from the school was quick but they denied her kids entry into the school adding that their classes are currently full and she should try next term.

Aimee-Noel then decided to experiment and sent the school a new e-mail under a different (English) name and surname, and to her ‘surprise’ they did have space for her kids but not using their Mbiyozo surname.

Aimee-Noel shared her story on Facebook and the swim school is yet to respond. Other parties also came forward to share that they’ve experienced the same racial discrimination from the school.

Read Aimee-Noel’s full exposure here.

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