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Cancelled! Larry’s Co-Hosts End Hit Show ‘Microwave Boys’ Following Abuse Accusations

Cancelled! Larry’s Co-Hosts End Hit Show Following Abuse Accusations! We woke up Tuesday morning to a twitter thread by Microwave Boys’ Larry’s baby mama detailing how he’s been abusive towards her.

A lot of people on social media want Larry cancelled and it looks like that’s what’s happening but is he bringing his peers down with him? His two co-hosts on the hit YouTube show ‘Microwave Boys’ Sphaka and Sipho have distanced themselves fro it which means it’s over.

“Let me be clear that I would never turn a blind eye to abuse, I’m angry, deeply hurt and dissapointed. Noxieh is the only victim here though, all we can do is offer her support. Larry’s abusive behaviour towards her cannot be tolerated. I will be walking away from MicrowaveBoys immediately,” Sipho said in his statement on his personal twitter page.

Sphaka made it clear that the last episode was indeed that last.

Here are some reactions from black twitter.

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