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Blue Mbombo Responds To Reports About Her Alleged Millionaire Baby Daddy

Blue Mbombo Responds To Reports About Her Alleged Millionaire Baby Daddy.There has been celebrity pregnancy announcements lately from some of our favorite stars and as expected, they try to keep most of their personal lives private only sharing what they want to which makes fans even more curious.

From Ayanda Thabethe to Gugu Gumede and Blue Mbombo, social media is still curious and digging to find out who the lucky men and now baby daddies are. Twitter blogger known as Musa Khawula recently took to twitter alleging that model Blue Mbombo’s baby daddy is a businessman known as Auswell Mashaba who is the chairman of Glad Afrika. Musa also brought up Mashaba’s history having made headlines during the PRASA “shenanigans”, he put it.

In response, new mom Blue seem to have dismissed the allegations tweeting, “No dude, this isn’t cool. Why are you lying unprovoked? You can’t ruin people’s names for likes and retweets.” Blue’s response left tweeps confused on what she was calling a lie between the Mashaba being her baby daddy and his PRASA drama.

Some tweeps have previously alleged that Blue’s baby daddy could be popular DJ Somebody. At this rate we doubt Blue will ever willingly reveal the father of her child. Blue mentioned her baby daddy in her birth announcement post saying, “I’m so proud of myself for pushing for only 26 min without epidural. Also grateful for the support from my man….”

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