Basetsana Kumalo Wins Court Case Against Author Jackie Phamotse

Basetsana Kumalo Wins Court Case Against Author Jackie Phamotse! The Randburg Magistrate’s Court has ruled in favor of  the Kumalos after they laid a charge of crimen injuria against author, Jackie Phamotse following a series of spicy tweets.

This comes after Jackie Phamotse tweeted that one of her friends was in possession of a video where a “female TV mogul” is present while her husband is performing a sex act on a “celebrity boy”. She went on to claim that the TV mogul in the video was pleading with her friend not to share the video.

On Thursday, Magistrate Helen Banks ruled that the BARE author is liable for the harassment endured by the couple as a result of her tweets. Jackie was ordered by the court to stay away from the Kumalo family and to remove the tweets and not talk publicly about them. If she violates the ruling she will face jail time.

Basetsana took to her Instagram to clebrate her victory sharing the details of the verdict and thanking her supporters for standing by her.

Thank you for always believing the best of us and your unwavering support through the most vicious attack on our family. Some of you do not even know us personally, yet you have shown us tremendous love and support during this hurtful time. For that, we thank you. Below is the verdict against Jackie Phamotse, who made salacious, diabolical, outlandish and fictitious utterances about our family. FINAL PROTECTION ORDER: The respondent is prohibited by this court from; a) Engaging in or attempting in engaging in harrassment of the complainant b) Enlisting the help of another person to engage in harrassment of the complainant c) Making any malicious allegations on any Social Media Platform with regards to the complainant The court further imposes that the respondent remove all malicious allegations against the complainant from any Media Platform. This Protection Order is valid for an indefinite period. Should the respondent violate the above, a warrant of arrest will be issued resulting in a sentence of 5 years in jail. Thank you once again. Siyabulela, re a le boga, siyabonga. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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