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A Guy met a Girl online, and gradually began to chat to each other regularly and became good friends. After a few months, they expressed their love for each other. They were happily in love for a few weeks, until one day suddenly the girl stopped responding to the messages of her new found love. Saint_Valentines_Day_A_romantic_couple_013598_He waited and waited.. Weeks passed, and he still sat by his internet believing that she will certainly respond to all his messages one day.  He was scared something might had happened to her, his heart felt like it did but eventually he accepted the fact that their relationship was over. He was heartbroken.. He cried himself to sleep everyday reading her old love messages. After a few years, he had just started university. After all this years, he stayed away from girls because he couldn’t stand the heartbreak, but one girl took his fancy. A beautiful lady, it was weird as he never even looked at any other lady before, but there was something special about her. So he approached her, but was rejected instantly.

Boy: I’m sorry; if I offended you by saying I liked you.

Girl: It’s not your fault.. It’s just that I’m already in love with someone..

Boy: Oh right, I’m sorry. You’re already taken

Girl: Actually no.. I fell in love with a boy three years ago, he was from here, but due to the circumstances I had to leave him, but now as an excuse to study I have come here in search of him..

Boy: Wow! Actually I’ve been through something similar!

Girl: Really? What was her name?

Boy: Alisha (when he looked down at the girl’s book it was labeled ‘Alisha’…) they embraced each other and burst into Tears! Boy: Why did you leave me??

Girl: I had a car accident, and was in the hospital paralyzed for a year… I only fully recovered 6 months ago. Everyone thought I was going to die, but the thought of seeing you kept me alive. When I got better, I planned to come and see you to surprise you; you told me you would only want to go to this university so I applied here too. But I feared you’re already taken by someone.

Boy: What God kept for me will always be mine; thank God we are back together.

TODAY I declare that, everything that was meant to be yours will always be yours…Amen Like and Share if you liked the story and feel free to comment Amen

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